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Vietnamese Phin Filter Instructions


8 OZ Vietnamese Phin Filter Gravity INSERT TYPE Instruction

Step 1
Put coffee inside the chamber. Measure out enough coffee to fill the recessed area at the bottom of the filter chamber and place the coffee inside the chamber. Usually that will be a rounded tablespoon of coffee. When the coffee is in the filter chamber it looks like this. Tap the chamber a little to settle it so it will drain evenly.You can adjust the quantity somewhat for your taste. If you use too little it will brew too fast and lose flavor, and if you use too much, it will brew too slowly & get cold. The first time you use the filter, measure the time it takes to brew. Adjust the amount of coffee thereafter until it takes about 4 minutes (+/- 30 seconds) for all the water to drain through.
Step 2
Place the filter insert on top of the coffee. Spin it once, and tamp the coffee down a little. Don’t pack it tightly or it won’t drain right.
Step 3
Place the filter set on your coffee cup. Wet the coffee using about 20 ml of hot water... which makes the water level rise to about 1/4" above the filter insert base. Wait 20 seconds for the water to sink into the coffee. Wiggle the filter insert a little bit to speed up the sinking.
If you want to use sweetened condensed milk and sugar pour them into the cup before placing the filter set on top. This is the Vietnamese style coffee and it is very sweet but bold.
Step 4
Pour the rest of the water. Pour it to the top of the filter cup. Put the filter cap on to help keep the heat in.
Water will cool off during brewing. Start with water 185°-205°. Water from a hot water (tea) machine is fine, or water a little below boiling. Don't worry if some grounds float loose, this is normal.
Step 5
Brew for about 4 minutes. If you are using a glass cup or mug it is easier to see when the brewing is done. If not, then after 4 minutes lift the cap and see if the water has drained.
Step 6
The picture shows a fully drained filter. Sometimes after 4 minutes there will still be a little water brewing. No problem, remove the cap if you want to drink the coffee at that time, turn the cap upside down onto the table, and place the whole filter assembly on the cap to continue draining. Then you can add the extra from the cap to your cup later if you want.
Step 7
The final picture shows the filter assembly draining into the upturned cap and a finished cup of coffee. If you use sweetened condensed milk, put the milk in before you put the filter set on the cup as mentioned above. After the cup is finished brewing, stir the condensed milk up into the coffee or add your cream and sugar at this time.
To make ice coffee, pour this coffee into a glass of ice.

These filters are made for use with any coffee that is ground fairly coarse. Before using to brew coffee, please clean the filter/brewer in hot water and soap to remove any oil residue from manufacturing.
If your coffee is too fine it might clogs the filter. You can try to wiggle the filter insert a little bit (Step 2) to see if that helps.
If you use too much coffee in the filter, it will not drain properly. Try cutting the amount used in half and see if it drains better. After you have reduced the amount to the point that the water drains properly in about 4 minutes, that is the amount of that coffee you should use.
Generally the coffee should brew in about 4 to 5 minutes with this filter.
If you have any comments/ questions on this instruction or other suggestions on how to use this filter, please contact us.
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