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Pure Authentic Sumatra Arabica Kopi LUWAK Civet Coffee Bean 50 g


50 grams, 1.8 oz, 100% Pure and Authentic Premium Sumatra Arabica Mandheling "Wild" Roasted Luwak Coffee Bean.

  • Medium roasted in small batch single origin Premium Sumatra Mandheling coffee bean.
  • The coffee bean are sourced from "wild" Luwak, not caged and we don't have too many of this.
  • Packaged in premium foil coffee bag with one way valve to preserve freshness.
  • Make about 5 to 7 or more cups of coffee.

Some comments on this coffee from our buyers:

+ Very good coffee quick delivery
+ Yummy coffee!!!.
+ Great seller, Fast Shipping, Quality product, Am ordering more soon, Thank you!!.
+ Great price and product. Fast shipping too! Winning combination.
+ I like it! Thanks A++.
+ Fantastic Coffee rec in 5 days that is a first for me, great seller fast shipper.
+ I am a kopi luwak FIEND, and this is some of the best I've eve had. Amazing kopi.
+ very fast shipping,great product,thanks.
+ Awesome love it!!!!!!!!!
+ Catmonkey coffee, smells and tastes great.
+ Beautiful product!! Wonderful seller, arranged lighting fast shipping!

100% Sumatra Mandheling Arabica beans which is one of the famous coffee bean in the world to begin with. The Luwak (Civet) fed on this Mandheling beans in the "wild" and not fed thus allowed it to pick the best sweet riped coffee cherries naturally. Picking the right coffee beans is the important aspect to get the best beans. Luwak does this best.

These beans are roasted in small batches to ensure maximum quality in every roast. They are roasted to perfection in medium roast style to elaborate the traits of Luwak coffee which has been known to have exceptional aroma and taste with the lack of bitterness. This particular roasted beans have the characteristics of smooth, floral, spicy, sweet, full body and good acidity.

Mandheling is the finest growing region in Sumatra (thus the bean named Sumatra Mandheling), grown near the port of Padang in west-central Sumatra, the growing altitude of 2,500 to 5,000 feet is ideal for cultivating one of the world's finest gourmet coffees. Only 15% or so of all the coffee grown in Indonesia is Arabica – like the Sumatra Mandheling coffee bean – which meets the standards of gourmet quality coffee.

Packaging - One Way Valve
This is probably one of the important aspect that get ignored or taken for granted. The coffee beans are packed with one-way valve coffee bag to disallow oxygen to get inside the coffee (oxygen is bad for coffee) but allow the gas (CO2 and others) from the freshly roasted coffee to escape. After these coffee beans are roasted they are placed into this bag almost immediately to minimized oxygen exposure but they still emits CO2, one-way valve takes care of this. In the past, before one-way valve technology, roaster has to wait until the coffee beans are cool and "gas off" thus maximized the oxygen exposure.

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  • Manufactured by: Kora

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