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Vietnamese Vietnam Coffee Ca Phe Phin Filter Press Maker Large 8 oz


Large Vietnamese Style Coffee Maker Phin Filter 8 oz

  • Volume: 8 oz, 1 US cups
  • Ideal for Vietnamese style hot or iced coffee
  • Type: gravity insert
  • Click on this link to see step by step instruction to use this filter.
  • Click on this link to see step by step instruction to make the famous Vietnamese Iced-Coffee.
  • Dimension (approx):
    • Overall height all stack up together: 7.3 cm, 2.87".
    • 8 OZ cup: Height: 6.5 cm, 2.56". Diameter: 7 cm, 2.76".
    • Lid: Diameter (not including the protruding part): 7.1 cm, 2.80"
    • Base (bottom) saucer: Outer Diameter: 10 cm, 3.94". Inner Diameter: 5.8 cm, 2.28". Height: 0.5 cm, 0.20"

This is one of the kind coffee maker also known as Vietnamese Filter or Phin. This is just another way of making a great coffee (besides French Press) especially ice coffee Vietnamese style. Vietnamese style coffee has been well known for its richness and boldness, majority of it is contributed to the way the coffee is made.

Our phin is larger than the usual one, this is the 8 oz filter, usually what you see in store is the 7 oz or less version. This has the gravity insert (not the screw down) which make it easier to use and brew the Vietnamese style coffee. This comes in 4 separate parts: the 8 OZ Cup, base (bottom) saucer, lid and press.

These filters are made for use with any coffee that is ground fairly coarse. Before using to brew coffee, please clean the filter/brewer in hot water and soap to remove any oil residue from manufacturing.

If the grinds is too fine, the small particles will clog the filter holes and the water will not drain through in the proper 4-5 minute brewing time. If you use too much coffee in the filter, it will not drain properly. Try cutting the amount used in half and see if it drains better. After you have reduced the amount to the point that the water drains properly in about 4 minutes, that is the amount of that coffee you should use.

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  • Model: PHIN8OZ
  • Manufactured by: Kora

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